Workshops on Special Topics

CTL consultants are prepared to deliver and facilitate workshops for faculty groups across campus on a variety of teaching and learning topics. You will find below a list of workshop titles and foci that can be requested for any in tact faculty group. Typically, a Department will invite a CTL consultant into a faculty meeting or retreat to deliver a workshop on a given topic. These can also be customized to fit the unique needs and opportunities within a given School, College, Department, or group of faculty. Unless otherwise indicated, all workshops can be adapted to range from one to two hours. If you are interested in having a CTL consultant facilitate a workshop at your next faculty event, please email that consultant directly (email addresses below) or sends e-mail).

If you are interested in a teaching and learning topic NOT included below, please contact a consultant to discuss creating a customized workshop.

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Workshop Descriptions

Any Teacher Can Be Effective ... If You Teach From Your Strengths

Contact Richard

  • In this workshop, faculty are prompted to re-frame the ways in which they choose the pedagogical tools employed in their course/s. Instead of trying to realize a false conception of teaching excellence, or being mired in the "traditional mode of the discipline," faculty are taken through a process of identifying their own natural strengths as a teacher (secret: everyone has them), and given a rationale on how to infuse them into their specific course/s. In this way, teaching becomes more engaging for the faculty member and learning more engaging for students. 

Considering Curriculum, How Students Learn, And Yourself In Course Re/Design 

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  • This workshop draws on some key insights regarding how students learn from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education, and integrates them into an easily replicable process for re/designing your course/s to meet both your and your students needs.

Engaging Today’s Learners

Contact Rita-Marie Conrad-

  • Today’s students have lived with and used technology most if not all of their lives.  This workshop will focus on who today's learners are, how personal technology use impacts learning in the classroom, how technology can be selectively used to enhance learning, and the elements to consider when engaging learners in a digital learning environment.  Participants will develop an Engaged Learning Plan for use in their classroom courses.

How Do You Know Your Program Is Effective? 

Contact Yukiko

  • This workshop is designed for a curriculum committee interested in looking at student achievement (i.e., how well students are meeing program-/curricular-level learning expectations/goals) and experience in order to examine program effectivness and make curricular adjustments. We will clarify your burning questions about students and curriculum, and come up with an information-gathering plan. 

Using Technology Strategically

Contact Rita-Marie Conrad-

  • Technology should only be used when it impacts learning positively.  But what tools are most effective and when is it best to use each?   This workshop will discuss how digital pedagogy can be applied in the face-to-face classroom.  Topics include but are not limited to: the changing roles of faculty and learners, the importance of digital presence, and adapting classroom activities for the digital learning environment.

Working Backwards: An Approach To Curriculum Re/Design

Contact Yukiko

  • How do individual courses build on or draw on each other and contribute to overall program-level student learning expectations? In this workshop, we will analyze the relationships among courses/requirements and the program-level learning goals to identify overlaps and gaps in the curriculum and to ensure sufficient and progressive student learning opportunities. Target audience: Curriculum committee