Instructional Improvement Grants

Making a Difference, Once Course at a Time


Instructional Improvement Grants (IIG) provide funds (up to $3,000) for one-time, small-scale projects to improve existing courses, develop new courses, evaluate instruction, and assess curricular needs. The grant funds also support larger innovative projects that will directly and significantly affect teaching and learning, such as developing materials for new and existing courses and developing new modes of instruction.  All submissions will be considered on a rolling basis from the grant opening date in August through the grant closing date in May, or until all funds are expended, whichever comes first.  If you would like a consultation to prepare for a submittal, please email (link sends e-mail) with the subject line "IIG Consult Requested".

The IIG program especially welcomes multi-disciplinary or team-taught projects, projects that involve large lecture classes, particularly at the lower division level, classes that have multiple sections, and/or classes that are heavily subscribed.

In addition, the IIG program encourages projects that respond to changes in education: for instance, projects that involve service learning and civic engagement, that enhance diversity, that encourage study groups, that promote active learning and engagement, that focus on speaking or writing skills, or that seek to improve classroom assessment. 

Please submit a completed IIG application form, a copy of which will go to the Center for Teaching and Learning and a copy to yourself.

*NOTE:  IIG funds may no longer be used to partially fund a field trip. Many field trips can be funded through a Course Material Fee, and would be included in a student’s financial aid package where appropriate. See for details. Course Material Fee requests are due annually in November and reviewed in January for implementation during the following academic year. All academic units are eligible.