Presidential Chair Fellows- Curriculum Enrichment Grant

Making Curriculum Enrichment Efforts That are Meaningful and Achievable

About PCF

This program provides an opportunity for a team of two or more faculty members from a department, or across departments, to develop, improve, transform, and examine core areas of the undergraduate curriculum. The grant is a means to engage in a systematic, forward-looking project expected to render fundamental and breakthrough ideas which will enhance and transform Berkeley's undergraduate experience. Preference will be given for faculty designing or redesigning courses that meet Undergraduate Initiative curricular goals (see page 3 of linked pdf). The grant program funds projects up to $20,000 over the one-year grant period. 

The purpose of this grant program is to make available funds to carry out curriculum enrichment efforts that are meaningful and achievable. Funds are intended to make curriculum enrichment projects possible at the department/program level that may involve curricular revision or the introduction of new curricular components that address a specific need or opportunity. The grantees will be able to “close the loop” on their curriculum planning and innovation in the program, supported by gathering evidence of student learning and experiences across courses or at the end of a degree program, and guide further improvements in the curriculum by using the evidence gathered. The grant program will also focus on developing strategies that lead to a sustainable enrichment process to be continued by the department or program, and will lead to an examination of genuine questions about curriculum through these one-time, “start-up” funds. For the work involved, the budget must include funding for at least one Graduate Student Research Assistant; up to 20% ($4000) of the total award may be used as research stipends for the faculty team supervising the project. In order to seed the broadest number of sustainable efforts, we will provide no more than one grant per department.


For Academic Year 2017-18, we are identifying curriculum projects with high potential for scalability and sustainability. Request for proposals will be announced in late fall (2017) with an early spring (2018) deadline. After projects are selected, the project teams will meet with the program facilitators in late spring to prepare for the following year's fellowship. 

Information: If you have questions or would like further information on the Presidential Chair Fellows Program, contact sends e-mail).

Program Description

A unique aspect of the Curriculum Enrichment Grant program is its foundation of scholarly exchange in the form of a learning community. Hence, Presidential Chair Fellows grant recipients take part in a peer cohort comprised of other grant recipients and focused on curriculum re/design. Every department/program will have an individual focus and plan for curriculum enrichment that broadens the discourse around curriculum across the learning community. Fellows will meet in workshops and seminar sessions eight times (once a month) during the course of the award period. Meetings will include presentations and discussions by Berkeley faculty and staff with expertise in areas of curriculum enrichment and program evaluation, as well as by the Fellows themselves. The seminars will be co-facilitated by Richard Freishtat and Yukiko Watanabe (Senior Consultants in the Center for Teaching and Learning). The final selection of session topics will be determined in consultation with the peer cohort and informed by their grant projects.

The Curriculum Enrichment Grant will also provide a pathway for graduate students to refine and hone skills in conducting curriculum evaluation and participating in program level curriculum dialogue. To this end, the grant monies are intended to fund at least one Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSAR) during the award period to work on the project. 

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