Become a FLP Faculty Fellow

What is the Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program (FLP)?

University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Teaching and Learning and the Lawrence Hall of Science are offering the Faculty Learning Program to all STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) university and college faculty to support instructors of STEM courses to enhance teaching practices, increase inclusion, and improve student success and learning gains for all students. The FLP is a blended program composed of a 2-day workshop, followed by multiple online, interactive, synchronous sessions. FLP is funded by an NSF IUSE Grant, Transforming College Teaching: Statewide Implementation of the Faculty Learning Program to Improve STEM Undergraduate Teaching & Learning (DUE #1626624).

The resources provided are amazing, and I have enjoyed the readings and appreciate the diversity of disciplines and types of research highlighted. -Campus Program Facilitator

We are accepting applications now for our next FLP Faculty & Faculty Developer Cohort, for the 10-month academic year program and for the Short Course, which will each start with a 2-day workshop January 2019 in Berkeley.

Short Course: January 4-5, 2019

10-Month Full Course: January 14-15, 2019

We welcome faculty developers and faculty from a diversity of STEM disciplines and ranks, including those who are interested in redesigning lower division courses such as physics, computer programming, chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. Depending of funding, additional California public universities may participate for a reduced rate through support from the NSF grant. Universities and colleges outside of California and private California universities are invited to participate in this blended program for a fee, which includes in-person and online sessions and all of the online materials for import into your learning management system (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard). The materials, along with the  facilitator professional learning, can then be used to implement FLP with your own faculty on your own timetable. For more information, please contact Catherine Halversen and see

The FLP led by example. The idea that students learn by communicating and actively engaging was apparent, as that's how the FLP was run. I felt I learned much more in this active format than I would have simply reading articles/texts. -Faculty Fellow

The Faculty Learning Program focuses on three goals:

  1. support faculty to continue learning about effective STEM teaching practices within higher education

  2. aid faculty to use this knowledge to redesign their courses, and

  3. provide a community of fellow instructors to help support this progress.

Faculty from the following campuses have participated so far:

  • University of California (7 campuses are leading their own FLP cohorts)

  • California State University (12 campuses are leading their own FLP cohorts)

  • Community colleges (>30) with high transfer rates into participating four-year institutions  

How can my institution participate? There are two ways to engage with FLP.  Each provides the participating institution with the entire program, including the online modules, to be imported into the institution’s own learning management system (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard). FLP participants and facilitators become FLP Faculty Fellows.

  1. FLP Short Course for Faculty Developers/STEM faculty. This model engages participants – with existing expertise in faculty development and capacity to deliver the program – in the philosophy, pedagogy, and methods to facilitate FLP at your own institution in a short course format (2-day workshop and three 2-hour online sessions for Part I offered within approximately one month duration; followed in the second term by two additional 2-hour online sessions to prepare to facilitate Part II). The short course takes participants through the program in short order to efficiently and effectively prepare them to facilitate the 10-month academic year program at their own institution.

  2. FLP 10-month academic-year program led by UC Berkeley. This model engages participants in the entire 10-month academic year program led by the UCB facilitators, providing ample opportunities for learning, applying, reflecting and community-building with peers. This program prepares faculty to implement the program at their own institution with their own STEM faculty. (Note: your institution may already be offering FLP on your campus. Please contact Catherine Halversen to find out if the program is being offered and who to contact.)

“I think that consistency over the period of an entire academic year allows the [Fellows] to digest the ideas, to think about them in terms of their actual well as to build relationships. ...the benefit of having [this] long-term investment...has to do with building the habit of reflecting, discussing, learning new things, trying them out, discussing them again and revising them. -Campus Program Facilitator

Applications for the 10-month academic program or the Short Course, both starting in January 2019, are due November 30, 2018. Please complete the application.  

*If you are interested in participating in the 10-month academic program or the Short Course, but are not available to attend in August 2018, please complete the application and indicate your interest. We will contact interested applicants when additional dates are scheduled.


10-month long full course (12p/cohort)

  • $5,000 for 1 faculty; $8,500 for 2 faculty to participate in the full program. We encourage you to send a pair of faculty or one faculty developer and a STEM faculty. At the conclusion of the program, these faculty can lead the program for other STEM faculty at your institution upon purchase of the online curriculum cartridge.
  • For $20,000, after completion of the program, you may purchase and import the cartridge into your own institution's learning management system; provides unlimited access to the materials for all STEM faculty at your institution. Ask about our sliding scale and scholarships.
  • Consultations from UC Berkeley FLP Directors
  • Total cost for the entire program (based on 2 faculty participating) $28,500
  • A limited number of scholarships are available – please inquire.

Short Course (12p/cohort)

  • $5000 for 1 faculty; $8500 for up to 3 people from your institution to participate. We encourage a faculty developer, and associate faculty developer and/or 1-2 STEM faculty to participate.
  • For $20,000, after completion of the program, you may purchase and import the cartridge into your own institution's learning management system; provides unlimited access to the materials for all STEM faculty at your institution. Ask about our sliding scale and scholarships.
  • Consultations from UC Berkeley FLP Directors
  • Total cost for the entire program (based on 2-3 faculty participating) $28,500


What we are responsible for:

  • Providing a professional learning experience during the in-person and online sessions based on how people learn and designed using research-based effective practices

  • Offering breakfast, lunch, and coffee/tea during workshop days

  • Scheduling online sessions so that participants can participate

  • Giving access to the Faculty Learning Program online modules during participation in the course (Short Course or 10-month long program)

  • Providing the FLP online modules for import into your own learning management system to use with your faculty, upon purchase of the FLP Program Modules cartridge

  • Presenting you with a certificate as a Faculty Learning Program Fellow upon completion of the program

  • Program consultations

What you are responsible for:

  • Attending the two-day workshop in-person

  • Participating in the synchronous video conference meetings after the workshop, including having access to: a web camera on your computer, a phone or computer microphone for communicating verbally during the meetings, and a robust internet connection

  • Paying for your own:

    • Housing (we are happy to make suggestions for hotels, including those within easy walking distance of the workshop location on campus)

    • Transportation to Berkeley, CA and the University of California Berkeley campus, or other host workshop location.

    • Meals on travel days and dinners during the workshop

  • Making no distribution, sale, or copy of the Faculty Learning Program online modules. If you want to make small modifications of the modules to add content and additional resources, or to refine the program to tailor it to your community, you must consult with the program directors in advance. The Faculty Learning Program online modules are copyrighted by The Regents of the University of California and are for your or your organization’s use only. 

If you agree, complete the application form. In special circumstances, we may generate a contract to formalize our agreement.  We will contact you to confirm and include the total cost of the program you decide to implement. Payment is due three (3) weeks before services begin.  Payment can be in the form of a purchase order, credit card, or check, payable to “UC Regents.” See the application for the refund policy and where to send payment.

Questions? Contact Catherine Halversen at