Teaching As An Iterative Process

Resources for teaching are grounded in an iterative cycle of course design and redesign. Whether you have come here for something specific, or just to peruse, these resources reflect the best practices in the field of teaching and learning.

Course Design Guide

Designing meaningful learning experiences that are active, center students, and build on prior knowledge is a skill developed and strengthened over time. This guide is designed to help you take a goal-oriented approach to course planning with opportunities to collect evidence of student learning throughout your course.

Remote Best Practices

Best practices for remote teaching and learning.

Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Learning Environment

Explore strategies to support learning for all students.

Preparing for Disruptions

Methods that will minimize the impacts made by a disruption.


Teach-Net is a moderated email forum for exchanging information, advice, tips, and general talk concerning teaching at Berkeley. Subscription is restricted to Berkeley faculty and staff.

New to Campus

This page will provide you with the necessary information to get started teaching at Berkeley, and point you in the right direction in terms of essential teaching resources.