Analyze and Interpret Data

Analyze and Interpret Data

This stage of assessment involves analyzing the data to find patterns, interpreting the findings and discussing some of the limitations of the data. It is also an appropriate time to start making preliminary recommendations if the data is significant enough. In plain terms, we ask "What are the findings?" and "What do these findings mean?" 

Key Questions

Before you engage in analysis and interpretation, ask....

1. Who should be involved in analysis and interpretation? To whose eyes should the analysis process and the results be credible and trustworthy? Whose perscpective counts? 
2. How will interpretation be checked? Do you plan to check in with stakeholders?
3. What is the judgment going to be based on? Any preset criteria for judgement?

As you analyze and interpret data, ask...

4. What key or unique patterns did you find? 
5.  What do these patterns reveal about students or student learning?
6. What interpretations and recommendations can be derived from the results? Are interpretations and recommendations evident from the data?