Campus Data

What data do we already have at campus-level? 

Utilizing and building on existing campus data are a good way to efficiently design your evaluation/assessment plan. Here is a list of existing data points that are currently available. 

Undergraduate population/data

  • Undergraduate Student Experience Surveycampus aggregate results
  • Survey of New Studentscampus aggregate results
  • Career Destination Surveyaggregate results by college & schools 
  • CalAnswers data (Contact, if you have any questions about the data below).  
    • Student demographics and outcomes: major headcount, registered student census, degree awarded, graduation rate, retention data, time to degree 
    • Student curriculum: enrollment census, course enrollment history, course offerings.
    • Student financials: fees and payments, financial aid & affordability
    • Student applicants: freshman & transfer applications and admissions, statement of intent (SIRs) to register (freshman and transfer), final applications, admits, SIRs. 
    • Dashboard: departmental curriculum profile, curriculum long-term planning, weekly enrollment management, course grade distribution, students & courses, teaching activity, departmental teaching workload 

      Graduate population/data

      Graduate Division provides a data report annually to departments/schools/colleges. Contact Andrew Smith ( sends e-mail)), if you have any questions. 

      • Academic Program Review Survey 
      • Ph.D. Exit Questionnaire 
      • Graduate financial support 

      Both undergraduate and graduate student population

      Faculty, staff, and research data 

      • employee census 
      • faculty workload, sponsored research and faculty and staff FTE
      • PI portfolio