Data Gathering Tips

Data Gathering Tip Sheets

These are evaluation/assessment design and methods tip sheets created by Berkeley's graduate students. Each tip sheet includes general guidelines, caveats, and a resource list. 

  1. Using mixed-methods for evaluation (by James Mason and Weeraphat Suksiri) [Download]
  2. Quantifying student learning (by Amy Arneson, Joonho Lee, and Sara Tischhause) [Download]
  3. Interview and focus groups (by Rene Kissell, Laura Pryor, and Laura Tobben) [Download]
  4. Developing survey questions
  5. Data visualization and reporting (by Yuri Morales, Rebecca Tublitz, and Martha Woerner) [Download]
  6. Longitudinal evaluation design (by Stephanie Montano and Emily Huang) [Download]