Implement Assessment Plan

When managing assessment implementation, we need to identify and resolve any data gaps and other issues that come up, and make sure that the assessment is unfolding according to the plan. This stage should be fluid enough to allow for changes in the design to occur when they need to.

Key Questions

1. When and where should data collection take place? Be sensitive to the semester life cycle and consider the best timing for the informants (students, faculty, etc.) to provide information.
  • Student performance and opinion: Can you consider embedding data collection to existing instructional/learning activities (e.g., reflection, learning log, minute paper, self-evaluation, discussion)?
  • Student survey: To avoid survey fatigue and reach higher response rate, try not to overlap when the campus surveys go out (SONS: beginning of fall semester, UCUES: March--July). 
2. Who is responsible for collecting the data?
  • Who should gather data? When gathering data from students, ask if presence of faculty or staff will affect how students respond. Will infomants be willing to respond more if request for participation comes from a paticular person/group in a department (e.g., faculty/staff advisor, Chair, student group)? 
  • Who should have access to the data? What ethical responsibilities should this person have with data gathering and sharing? Be explicit about the responsibilities before you gather data.   

3. What can you do to ensure sufficient and credible data collection?

  • Agree ahead of time: What is sufficient proportion or N-size to provide a confident conclusion about the target population? 
  • Are we missing any paritcular type of informants (e.g., particular faculty rank/title, particular demographic of students)? Can we encourage and ensure that the data sample reflects the population demographic?