Course Design

First, the Nuts and Bolts


Many components factor in the design of a syllabus, but don't forget to consider inclusions such as academic integrity, important points in the semester and campus policies.

Academic Integrity and the Honor Code

The topic of academic integrity is often framed around misconduct and dishonesty, carrying both negative and punitive connotations. However, the dialogue is shifting towards an approach that is educative, preventative, and positive in promoting student success.

Using Copyright Materials in Your Classroom 

Although the issues are complex, sometimes a simple question can do a lot: If this were my own work, would I want it to be used without my permission in this case?

Failing reliance on the Golden Rule, let us plunge into some of the complexities.

Working with GSI’s

If you are working with Graduate Student Instructors, the GSI Teaching and Resource Center will be your most valuable resource on campus but review some key tips right here.