Reading and Composition

"The aim of 1A and 1B is to improve the student's ability to write clearly, effectively, and accurately about subjects of intellectual complexity, on the assumption that such writing - and the kinds of thinking that make such writing possible - is both a practical necessity for college students and a significant step in the life of the mind generally." (1989 Reading & Composition Committee Report) Reading and composition requirements are not general education hurdles, but introductions to the life of the mind, to university discourse, and to the life of an educated citizen and human being.

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  • If you are an instructor, either preparing to teach a course or looking for more information on teaching writing, the majority of the teaching resources here are aimed to help you with your instruction.  These resources should not be seen as restricted to R&C courses: they should prove useful for any instructor who assigns writing in his or her course.  We have attempted here to bring from around campus the resources that will help you, whether you are a new or seasoned instructor of writing.  Within the R&C requirement, courses will vary tremendously from discipline to discipline, both in terms of approach and content, and you should take none of the suggestions and ideas below as the gospel, even though they are for the most part based on research and practice. And of course, you should rely on the individual guidelines and resources provided by your department.