Showcase for Teaching Innovation and Reinvention (STIR)

May 4, 2017 Academic Innovation Studio (117 Dwinelle)

We don't get to see each other in the classroom, but that's where some of our greatest intellectual energy comes to life. Come share and grow your practice by joining faculty colleagues at a teaching showcase. Stop by any time throughout the day as several panels will feature specific topics followed by informal discussion amongst presenters and colleagues. 

The Showcase for Teaching Innovation and Reinvention (STIR), formerly known as the Waves of Innovation, aims to highlight work that has accomplished a variety of goals in improving pedagogy.  Popular topics presented in the past revolved around student engagement strategies, large enrollment courses, and classroom and curriculum assessment. The event also facilitates further networking with colleagues, and more broadly disseminates the outcomes of individual faculty efforts. 

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Educational Technology Services (ETS), the event will be held on Thursday, May 4th, in the Academic Innovation Studio (Dwinelle 117).  

Format for STIR

Several waves of lightning talks will be grouped on panels throughout the day. Each grouping will have the opportunity for informal discussion amongst presenters and colleagues.

Schedule of Events

A full list of topics available April 28, 2017

8:30 am      Meet and greet with coffee

9:00 am      Lecturer Teaching Fellows Spotlight - Lightning Talks

Topics include "Effective Syllabus Design", "The Classroom Outside the Classroom: Collaborative Mapping as Pedagogy", "Learning 'Plays' and Reinvigorating the Storyboard", "The eportfolio: A Tool for Assessment and Reflection", "Online Resource of Foreign Language Teaching Methods", "Improving Science Literacy", "Addressing Stereotype Threat in the Context of Human Physiology Course"

Robin Ball (MCB), Amelia Barili (Spanish & Portuguese), Robert Beatty (MCB), Chisako A. Cole (College Writing Programs), Karen Moller (Scandinavian), Jordan Ruyle (College Writing Programs), John Stehlin (Geography)       

10:00 am      Assignments You're Excited to Grade - Panel Discussion

Pieter Abbeel (EECS), Brian Powers (Sociology), Michelle Douskey (Chemistry), Henrike C. Lange (History of Art and Italian Studies), Fang Xu (Interdisciplinary Studies Field)

11:00 am      Showcase of Past Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients - Lightning Talks

Topics include "Learning from Mistakes in Teaching", "Inclusion and particpation", "What the Heck is That? Using a Picture to Launch a Thousand Words", "Being Organized: How Powerpoint Can Help"

Kathleen Donegan (English), Ron Hassner (Political Science), Terry Johnson (Bioengineering), Georgina Kleege (English), Eileen Lacey (IB), Line Mikkelsen (Linguistics), Debarati Sanyal (French)

12:00 pm      Engaging Students - Lightning Talks (Lunch Provided)

Topics include "Nudging Struggling Students Toward a Growth Mindset", "Active Reading and Creative Writing", "Beyond the Lecture Hall", "Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Online Classroom", "Integrating the Arts in the Classroom & Beyond", "CWP Research Festival: Student-Centered Scholarship"

Anne Baranger (Chemistry), Serena Chen (Psychology), Kent Lightfoot (Anthropology), Michael David Lukas (Center for Middle Eastern Studies), Vesna Rodic (French), Ryan Sloan (College Writing Programs), Michelle Summers (TDPS)

 1:00 pm       Spotlight on 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients - Lightning Talks 

Topics include "The Nested Lecture", "Getting Inside the Students' Heads-in a Positive Pedagogical Way!", "Bookending an Introductory Course"

Ian Duncan (English), Khalid Kadir (IAS), Michael Manga (Earth & Planetary Science), Carlos Norena (History), Tarek Zohdi (Mechanical Engineering)

2:30 pm        Presidential Chair Fellows Curriculum Enrichment Grant Project Spotlight

“Enhancing African Studies: Expanding Undergraduate Course Offerings and Advising by Leveraging New Global Studies Framework”
Leonardo Arriola (Political Science), Martha Saavedra (Associate Director of Center for African Studies), Manuela Travaglianti (Peace and Conflict Studies)

“Enhancing Student Evaluation of Evidence: Modules to Integrate Research Skills into the Bioengineering Curriculum"
Hayley Lam (Bioengineering), Irina M. Conboy (Bioengineering) 

“Enhancing the Interdisciplinary Core Courses in Comparative Ethnic Studies”
Keith Feldman (Ethnic Studies), Raul Coronado (Ethnic Studies)

“Statistical Methods for Data Science: A New Course to Enhance Berkeley’s Data Science Curriculum”
Elizabeth Purdom (Statistics), Adityanand Guntuboyina (Statistics)

3:30 pm        Happy Hour