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Digital Reading: What We "Know" and Where to Go #next”

Michael Larkin

Robin Ball- Waves

5E Model for Organizing Active Learning in Lecture Courses

Robin Ball

Michelle Douskey- Waves

Flipped Fridays, A Partial Flip of a Freshman Chemistry Course for Majors

Michelle Douskey

Maelia DuBois- Waves

Digital Humanities at Berkeley Course Program Assessment

Maelia DuBois

Irina Kogel- Waves

Differentiated Instruction: Lessons from the Heritage Russian Classroom

Irina Kogel

Visual & Spatial Creative Activities for Research Reading and Writing

Patina Mendez, Teri Crisp

Gaming the System: Students Engage Creatively to Learn Concepts

Claire Kremen

Analysis Charts: Killing 10 Birds with 1 stone

Barrie Roberts

Ryan Sloan- Waves

Tumblr as Artist Studio: Digital Interventions for Multilingual Writers

Ryan Sloan

Using Instagram, a Social Media Platform, to Increase Meaningful Student Engagement

Lila Rubenstein

Charlotte Smith- Waves

Case-based Exploration of Drinking Water and Health (Restructuring of PH170/171c)

Charlotte Smith

Dan Acland- Waves

Nose-rings: (Highly) Scaffolded Active Learning Assignments

Dan Acland

Amelia Barili- Waves

Volunteering, Global Education & Good Writing: Preparing Students to Succeed

Amelia Barili

Project website

MVI 0102

Non-Traditional Student Engagement: What Can Instructors Do

Wendy Sinek

Exploring the Writing E-portfolio: Encouraging Reflection and Transfer

Kim Freeman

Learning in the SuiteC: Technology and Pedagogy for Online Education

John Scott

Vivek Rao- Waves

The Use of Video-Facilitated Student Self-Reflection on Oral Technical Presentation

Vivek Rao

Andrew Stevens- Waves

Assessing Student Learning Using a Digital Grading Platform

Andrew Stevens

Anne Baranger- Waves

What are students actually saying? Assessing Conversations in the Teacher-Scholars Program in Chemistry

Anne Baranger

Ben Spanbock- Waves

Writing With Students Online

Ben Spanbock

Elliott Smith- Waves

Beyond Multiple Choice: Autograded Questions on edX Edge

Elliott Smith

Community Engaged Scholarship: Designing and Assessing Group Projects

Khalid Kadir

Learning Environmental Science from Strawberry Creek and the Berkeley Campus

Mathias Kondolf