Digital Pedagogy Fellows

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Become a Digital Pedagogy Fellow

The Digital Pedagogy Fellows (DPF) program is designed to assist all instructors of record in leveraging technology to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning in their courses.  

Not going to be on campus?  No problem.  

The program is a facilitated, self-paced, online asynchronous digital learning experience consisting of units that can be covered at your own pace within a 3-7 day period of time.  Approximately 4 hours of your time will be spent each day developing a course plan that uses technology to enhance information delivery, learner engagement, and/or assessment based on selected readings, short lecturettes, engaging with colleagues, and reflecting on the topics individually.  Total time commitment is 14-24 hours.

As a result of participation in this program you will be able to build a course plan that reflects:

- The guiding learning theories of your teaching practice

- The use of digital pedagogy to optimize cognition with particular emphasis on the areas of attention, memory, thinking and motivation.

- The design of an effective digital learning experience using a design methodology as well as the resources and expertise available to assist you at UC, Berkeley.

- Consideration of content accessibility and affordability.

- And contains:

  • Measurable learning outcomes
  • Assessment items aligned to the learning outcomes
  • Core concepts content
  • Activities that provide practice before assessment
  • Resources to support topics and activities
  • Appropriate technology tool

The major topics are

  • Learning in the 21st Century

  • Designing a Digital Learning Experience

  • Determining Instructional Strategy

  • Selecting the Appropriate Learning Environment and Technology Tools 

As a Digital Pedagogy Fellow you will receive continued support throughout the program to complete the planning and development of your course for the Fall.  Upon completion of your refreshed course plan you will receive a certificate indicating your status as having completed the Digital Pedagogy Fellows program.


Contact Rita-Marie Conrad, Digital Pedagogy Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning,

The program can be tailored to you!  If you would like a separate program specifically designed to meet the needs of your school or department, let us know.

Application for DPF 2018 is now closed.

Contact Rita-Marie Conrad ( for further information.

2017 DP Fellows and Trailblazers

First row:  John Wallace, Crystal Chang, Chen-Hui Tsai, Dan Acland, Mika Moy, Rachael Phillips*

Second Row: Paige Plander*, Armando Fox, Giuliana Perco, Alex BeliaevMax Fang*

Not pictured: Karenjot Bhangoo Randhawa, Rick Rasmussen, Vesna Rodic, Kim Freeman, Laura C. Nelson

* Digital Pedagogy Trailblazer