CTL Faculty Fellows


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports faculty in advancing inclusive and equitable instruction on-campus. Through workshops, consultations, programs, and awards, we are the central campus resource for cultivating teaching excellence. To recognize, honor, and benefit from the wisdom of leading teacher-scholars at Berkeley, we have developed the Faculty Fellows award. This is a competitive academic year fellowship for educators across campus; both tenure-track faculty and Unit 18 lecturers are eligible to receive this honor. We seek to appoint educators with a demonstrated track record of honoring and including diverse student perspectives in their classroom and designing classes that engage their students in active and critical thinking in their disciplines. 

CTL Faculty Fellows will be recognized campus leaders who will work closely with the CTL Faculty Director to ensure that CTL programming is aligned and engages with the most contemporary ideas, questions, and concerns that Berkeley faculty have.

To achieve this goal, CTL Faculty Fellows will be regular contributors to CTL workshops and programs and would have the opportunity to publish articles and ideas on the CTL website and the Teaching Bi-Weekly newsletter, which is sent to all instructors of record on-campus every two weeks. CTL faculty fellows will be recognized at the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) ceremony on-campus at the end of the year and their names will be included on the “About” page of the CTL website throughout the year of their term

Faculty Fellows Responsibilities

Upon receiving the fellowship, CTL faculty fellows will: 

  • Provide regular feedback to CTL leadership (i.e. the Faculty Director and the Executive Director) on approaches to faculty development, outreach, support, and professional development models. 

  • Interview faculty peers in their colleges to collect information about faculty perceptions of the CTL and, more broadly, of what teaching at Berkeley means to faculty across disciplines. Coordinate interview questions and protocol with the Faculty Director.

  • Serve as panelists for CTL programming and workshops as requested and available.  

  • (for one designated fellow) Support the Teaching & Learning Conference through coordinating sessions and/or facilitating sessions and spreading the word on campus.

2024 Faculty Fellow Awardees