Center for Teaching & Learning Programs

To spotlight innovation and offer opportunity that will enrich, promote, and support teaching and learning effectiveness in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment, CTL offers grants, learning circles, awards and recognition programs, communities of practice and more.

Distinguished Teaching Award

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports the Committee on Teaching's efforts in recognizing excellent faculty with the Berkeley campus' most prestigious award for teaching through this program. It was initiated in 1959 to encourage and reward excellence in teaching on the Berkeley campus. 

Lecturer Teaching Fellows

Lecturers at Berkeley are offered an exceptional opportunity through this program to meet regularly with colleagues from across campus to discuss teaching issues. Ten to twelve lecturers are selected annually to participate in a series of workshops and seminars focused on teaching and learning.

Presidential Chair Fellows Grant

This program provides an opportunity for a team of two or more faculty members from a department, or across departments, to develop, improve, transform, and examine core areas of the undergraduate curriculum. The grant program funds projects up to $22,000 over the one-year grant period. 

Teaching Excellence Colloquium

Providing ladder-rank faculty new to Berkeley with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to achieve Berkeley's high expectations for teaching excellence, the Teaching Excellence Colloquium (TEC) benefits faculty in becoming part of a cohort of peers across many disciplines. 

Programs Temporarily on Hold

The programs below are currently on hold, but will be continuing again in the future.

Digital Pedagogy Fellows Program

The CTL Digital Pedagogy Fellows (DPF) program is designed to assist all instructors of record in leveraging technology to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning in their courses. 

Graduate Student Assessment Progam

As an assessment training opportunity for graduate students to engage in undergraduate student learning on the Berkeley campus, selected fellows meet bi-weekly to learn about disciplinary assessment practices in higher education, participate in assessment skill workshops, and provide assessment project support on campus. 

Showcase of Teaching Innovation and Reinvention (STIR)

The Showcase of Teaching Innovation and Reinvention (STIR), aims to highlight work that has accomplished a variety of goals in improving pedagogy. Popular topics presented in the past revolved around student engagement strategies, large enrollment courses, and classroom and curriculum assessment. The event also facilitates further networking with colleagues, and more broadly disseminates the outcomes of individual faculty efforts.

Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program

This program focuses on changing STEM undergraduate faculty’s instructional practices and improving students’ learning gains and experiences in large STEM lecture courses. It utilizes a blended professional learning program to deepen faculty’s understanding of how learning happens, and develop their abilities to facilitate discourse opportunities to support student learning in their classes.