Enhancing Learning

Through Evidence-Based Teaching

How to Support Undergraduate Students in the Event of Instructional Disruption

Review recommendations intended to assist instructors in supporting undergraduate students’ learning in the event of instructional disruptions. 

Advancing Inclusion and Anti-Racism in the College Classroom

A course (re)design tool developed by the UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and in partnership with CTL.

Course Design Guide

CTL's Course Design Guide can help you take a goal-oriented approach to course planning with opportunities to collect evidence of student learning while your course is ongoing.

Meet the DSP Faculty Liaisons

DSP Faculty Liaisons are colleagues that can provide information about Disabled Students' Program (DSP) policies, and how to effectively navigate and advocate for the needs of faculty and students. Learn more about this resource available to all instructors via the Disability Access & Compliance website.