Understanding Academic Technology

Review academic tools and technology available at Berkeley and strategies centered on when to use them.

RTL Supported Tools & Technology

Review a quick shortcut to academic tools and technology available to Berkeley instructors.

Building Class Community with Ed Discussion

Understanding how and when students are engaged in your class can be challenging in both physical and virtual spaces since students participate differently depending on personality type, cultural background, language fluency, and individual ability. Instructors can use an online discussion platform like Ed Discussion to provide an additional channel for students to express themselves, whether they are teaching in-person or online.

Strategies for Asynchronous Discussions

Asynchronous discussions have long been a feature in online classes as a way to provide opportunities for students to interact with each other and build a community. Asynchronous discussions can also be a useful component to your class as they give opportunities for students to interact outside of scheduled class time and allow for students who are participating remotely to still engage with the class community.

Understanding AI Writing Tools and Their Uses

Review pedagogical strategies instructors can use to harness the power of AI to further learning goals.