Teaching Guides + Resources

Teaching Guides + Resources

Teaching is an Iterative Process

Resources for teaching are grounded in an iterative cycle of course design and redesign. Whether you have come here for something specific, or just to peruse, these resources reflect evidence-based strategies from educational research.

Teaching Guides

Designing Your Course

By focusing course planning around clear learning objectives, instructors can have a better sense of how students should demonstrate their learning.

Running Your Course

Create an environment where all students are engaged and able to learn by intentionally running your course and employing teaching strategies that account for all differences in student learning.

Assessing Learning

Explore strategies for reflecting on your teaching practice and collecting evidence of student learning and learning experiences.

Advancing Equity & Inclusion

Inclusive teaching encompasses teaching strategies and approaches that take into account and welcome the wide range of identities, experiences, needs, and backgrounds that students bring to the class.

Understanding AI

Understanding Academic Technology

Review academic tools and technology available at Berkeley and strategies centered on when to use them.


Instructor Guide & Resources on DSP Accommodations

Review resources for instructors on how to best navigate DSP accommodations for Berkeley students.

Understanding AI Writing Tools and Their Uses

Review pedagogical strategies instructors can use to harness the power of AI to further learning goals. 

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New Faculty Guide

CTL's New Faculty Guide contains essential information and practical tips to support instructors during the first teaching semester. 

Teaching Innovation Showcase

This resource is designed to spotlight creative curricular examples, providing a source of inspiration and practical, actionable resources for educators.

Course Evaluations Question Bank

The adoption of end-of-term evaluation question items listed in this resources helps to ensure that you will solicit informative feedback - feedback that can be used for teaching improvement and evaluation.