Teach-Net is a moderated email forum for exchanging information, advice, tips, and general talk concerning teaching at Berkeley. Subscription is restricted to Berkeley faculty and staff.

What can I talk about on Teach-Net?

Anything you wish that is related to teaching, especially at Berkeley. Perhaps you have a question about some aspect of teaching. Perhaps you have a particular problem and you would like to hear from colleagues who have had similar problems. Perhaps you have a tip you would like to share, or an article about teaching you think your Berkeley colleagues would find interesting. These are just some of the uses to which you might put this email forum.

How do I subscribe? How do I unsubscribe?

You can subscribe to a bConnected List by finding and joining a list from the http://bgroups.berkeley.edu home page, or by sending a subscription request to teach-net+subscribe@lists.berkeley.edu

How do I use Teach-Net?

If you are subscribed and have a question, a comment, or a tip, simply send it via email to:

teach-net@lists.berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)

All subscribers will receive a copy of your message after it is approved by the list moderator. Be careful when using the REPLY function to reply to teach-net mail, since this will generally send your reply back to the entire mailing list. If you think the information would be useful to the members at large, however, then do respond to the list. If you want to talk to just one subscriber, you should direct your message to that individual's email address only.

What if I have more questions?

The teach-net mailing list is administered and moderated by the Center for Teaching and Learning. You should send all requests for information and administrative business (requests to manually subscribe or manually unsubscribe, changes of address, comments on how the list is handled, etc.) to teaching@berkeley.edu