Peer Review of Course Instruction

An excellent way to gain insight into your teaching is to be reviewed by a colleague. Several departments utilize peer review as a formal method of documenting teaching effectiveness - each with their own manner of implementation that fits best with the department needs (i.e., senior faculty inside the department conduct reviews; non-departmental colleagues in similar disciplines conduct reviews).

The 1987 Policy for the Evaluation of Teaching (for Advancement and Promotion) states: "The candidate's faculty colleagues who have appropriate expertise in the discipline are best able to evaluate the scholarship that informs the design and organization of courses and curriculum, the choice or development of texts and other instructional materials (syllabus, handouts, etc.), the nature of examinations and assignments, and so on." The CTL has worked closely with the Academic Senate's Committee on Teaching and several academic departments to support their efforts in this regard, creating a toolkit which includes sample forms and a guide to peer review of course instruction.

*Departments interested in utilizing peer review of course instruction are welcome to employ the toolkit forms as is, or to adapt them as needed to fit departmental needs. If desired, CTL staff are available to help adapt forms and share resources to inform peer review. Email sends e-mail) with subject line "Peer Review" to connect with a CTL consultant.

Guide to Peer Review

Peer Review Form