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The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty to inspire, enrich, and innovate Berkeley’s collective practice and pursuit of teaching excellence.

In pursuing this mission, we provide pedagogical and assessment expertise from course to curriculum by...

  • Working with senate and non-senate faculty, departments, and co-curricular units to advance best practices in all aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Sharing knowledge of evidence-based, student-centered, and outcomes-guided pedagogy.
  • Helping improve the quality of education; providing expertise and build collective knowledge in teaching and learning; and leveraging resources and opportunities for faculty enrichment.
  • Promoting iterative experimentation and transformation across curriculum to enhance student learning and engagement.
  • Supporting a diversity of teaching styles that recognize the diversity of learning styles, responding to the differences in learning styles, and creating an inclusive learning environment.
  • Bringing together and building dialogues and mutually beneficial partnerships and cross-functional teams.
  • Recognizing and valuing teaching excellence; making high quality pedagogy visible; and rewarding faculty for their contributions to teaching and learning.

The Center for Teaching and Learning works closely with a board of special faculty advisors, affiliated partners, and academic partners. As of August 1, CTL aligned with Educational Technology Services (ETS), and Research IT, under the leadership of Jenn Stringer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, and Chief Academic Technology Officer. Read more


Richard Freishtat, Ph.D.
Areas of specialization: pedagogy, faculty enrichment

Yukiko Watanabe, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Areas of specialization: curriculum development, student learning outcomes assessment, program evaluation

Rita-Marie Conrad, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Areas of specialization: digital pedagogy, learner engagement, technology-infused curriculum development

Brit Toven-Lindsey, Ph.D.
Active Learning Specialist
Areas of specialization: active learning, inquiry-based pedagogies, course-level assessment
Melanie Green
Program Manager and Communications Lead
Areas of specialization: communications, program development, program support 

Affiliated Consultants

  • Michelle Douskey, Ph.D., Chemistry - Co-facilitator, Lecturer Teaching Fellows Program
  • Catherine Halversen, Ph.D., Senior Program Director, Center for Leadership in Science Teaching
  • Ryan Sloan, MFA, MA, College Writing Programs - Co-facilitator, Lecturer Teaching Fellows
  • Amy Scharf, Planning/Policy Analyst - Division of Equity and Inclusion(link is external) 
  • Lynn Tran, Ph.D., Senior Research Director, Center for Leadership in Science Teaching

Faculty Advisors

  • Charisma Acey, Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning
  • Max Auffhammer, Associate Professor, International and Area Studies - Chair, Academic Senate's Committee on Educational Policy
  • Anne Baranger, Adjunct Professor, Chemistry - Faculty Assistant for Teaching and Learning
  • Lisa Barcellos, Professor, Public Health
  • Serena Chen, Professor, Psychology - Faculty Director, Berkeley Undergraduate Teaching Collegium
  • Kathleen Donegan, Associate Professor, English
  • Bob Jacobsen, Professor, Physics - Dean, Undergraduate Studies, College of Letters and Science
  • Oliver O'Reilly, Professor, Mechanical Engineering - Chair, Academic Senate's Committee on Teaching