Assignment Design Checklist

Use this very simple checklist to assess your assignment design. 


  • What is the assignment asking students to do?
  • Does what the assignment asks match the author’s purposes (given the nature of the class, etc.)?
  • Is there a discernible central question or task?


  • Is the assignment clear? 
  • Are there words or phrases that might be confusing or unclear to the intended audience?
  • Is the assignment itself separate from thought questions or process suggestions?

Format and Organization:

  • Look at the layout on the page. Is there a long narrative of unbroken text?
  • A long series of questions?
  • How is it organized?
  • Do the layout and order help the audience understand the assignment?
  • Can it be broken into steps or paragraphs?
  • Are suggestions separated from the assignment itself?
  • If the assignment is a major essay, are there any steps or process work assigned along the way to the final draft?

Adapted from Gail Offen-Brown, College Writing 300, UC Berkeley, Fall 2005