Blog Policies and Guidelines


The Berkeley Teaching Blog generates original content from a large group of faculty, students and staff across campus. Additional blog content is welcomed from colleagues across campus through an open submission process, and moderated by the CTL blog editors. The blog facilitates rich dialogue through initial blog posts highlighting a teaching issue, practice, or opportunity, and an ensuing comment board that is archived and tagged—making each blog topic and discussion searchable in the future.


Periodically, the Berkeley Teaching Blog delivers commentary, reviews, tips, recommendations and insights on all things teaching and learning at Berkeley.


We invite you to join the conversation! The Berkeley Teaching Blog is committed to fostering an environment where thoughtful and engaging comments are encouraged and appreciated; our aim is to advance sound pedagogy, and build collective knowledge about teaching and learning, in all of its variations and contexts. The ground rules for commenting, drawn from the UC Berkeley Principles of Community, are as follows:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Be civil and respectful of others, even if you disagree with their posts. This blog provides a space for people to be inexperienced at something—or even wrong—to facilitate learning. That is difficult to do in the face of contentious or belligerent comments.
  • Do not get personal.
  • Thoughtful comments (even when disagreeing) are encouraged and appreciated.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of comments, especially if multiple comments are making essentially the same point.

We are committed to fostering an environment characterized by generosity, creativity, and collegiality. Comments on this blog are an important part of creating that environment, and the comment guidelines aim to communicate the UC Berkeley Principles of Community values to contributors and readers, and encourage comments that will facilitate the online community. The Berkeley Teaching Blog welcomes commenters who are committed to creating a rich and respectful dialogue. Commenters should be able to explore the complexities of posts, inquire and debate, and be able to learn from the conversation.

The Berkeley Teaching Blog is not staffed after business hours, on weekends and holidays, and comments submitted during these periods may not be published until the next business day.

*New blog posts are encouraged in areas that may pique the interest of colleagues. If you are affiliated with UC Berkeley and are interested in contributing to the Berkeley Teaching Blog, please send inquiries about potential blog posts, or the original blog post itself, to with “Berkeley Teaching Blog” in the subject line.