Grant Engagement

Pursuing an externally funded grant project or program with an educational component? Would your proposal, and project, benefit from some additional expertise in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum, and/or educational assessment? Enter the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), on hand to partner with you around design, implementation and impact evaluation. As illustrated in the examples below, CTL provides multiple levels of support while serving as a resource to help you realize project goals.

ENRICH Program Lead
Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)
Many external grant opportunities are looking to include components related to faculty pedagogical development.  For this KFAS funded grant which called for several different initiatives, CTL  assisted with the pedagogical component - designing and delivering a multi-day, onsite teaching excellence program for faculty at Kuwait University (KU). In a train-the-trainer model, CTL brought the program experience full circle, providing follow-up advanced workshops to build capacity for initiating faculty development efforts on their home campus.

INSPIRE Project Co-Lead
NSF - Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE)
Driving faculty development in STEM, CTL serves as Co-PI on an NSF-IUSE grant. In that capacity, CTL assists in the broad dissemination of a year-long faculty learning program aiming to transform STEM teaching across the California state system of public higher education by redefining the college lecture. 

INNOVATE Collaborator and Consultant
NSF- Widening Implementation & Demonstration of Evidence-Based Reforms (WIDER)
In collaboration with the Lawrence Hall of Science, CTL engaged in efforts to design and pilot a STEM faculty learning program at Berkeley. The program’s aim was to equip faculty with the knowledge and experience to better engage students in evidence-based learning experiences - particularly in large-enrollment courses. As part of its consultative role in the grant, CTL created an accessible user-guide and faculty developer guide to support the sustainability of the program at Berkeley, and beyond, making it possible for other universities to adopt the program on their own campus. This is just another example of how CTL aims to leverage resources and opportunities to promote faculty enrichment.

COLLECTIVE PRACTICE Consultant and Workshop Facilitation
NSF- Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)
CTL recently supported the College of Engineering in their execution of an NSF grant that offered community college faculty the opportunity to get hands-on research experience in a Berkeley lab, and then translate that experience into context-based learning designs for their courses. Serving as a key curricular development resource and subject matter experts, CTL provided consultation around the design and delivery of the context-based learning curriculum, and led several of the workshops within the program. 


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