The Center for Teaching and Learning staff provide one-on-one and small group consultations, serving as subject matter experts on pedagogy and thought partners for Berkeley faculty on all aspects of teaching. We are also available to assist academic departments, professional schools, and student advising units on a variety of topics and issues related to curriculum, program evaluation, and outcomes assessment.

Course-level Consultations

-Faculty Teaching Consultations-

The opportunity for a consultation with a subject matter expert in pedagogy and thought partner about teaching can benefit faculty at any point in their pursuit and sustained practice of teaching excellence - from elements of course re/design to innovative pedagogical approaches. To request a consultation, please visit the CTL consultation calendar or email sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail) with "Teaching Consultation" in the subject line.

To protect confidentiality, consultations and/or classroom observations by CTL staff must be requested by the individual faculty member.


Observation of Classroom Instruction: As part of the consultation process, faculty often ask for a classroom observation by a CTL staff member and/or wish to observe another faculty member's class as an exemplar. A CTL staff member is available to observe you in action in your class, and meet with you to discuss any impressions. They will observe all aspects of your class, or you can request that they focus on one, or a few, specific areas.

Open Classrooms: While consultations yield very positive results, there is a great deal to gain from observing distinguished teachers in practice, and even more when that experience can be combined with a consultation. Many of our distinguished teachers welcome colleagues to observe their classes. If you are a UC Berkeley faculty member interested in learning from observing a colleague teach, contact sends e-mail) with your request. Please specify any preferred disciplinary scope (e.g., Sciences, Humanities) and pedagogical interests (e.g., lecture, active learning, discussion) that would help us identify and suggest the most beneficial class to observe. We will then connect you with the identified colleague to facilitate scheduling of the observation once the distinguished teacher confirms their willingness to be observed at some point during the semester requested. 

Program-level Consultations 

  • Revisit or revise program level learning goals  
  • Align learning and pedagogy across curriculum 
  • Get feedback from students on curriculum and learning experience
  • Conduct needs analysis to inform curricular change  
  • Evaluate effectiveness of curricular change 
  • Plan for Academic Program Review 

Contact Info

To arrange for consultations or classroom observations, contact sends e-mail) and enter "Teaching Consultation" in the subject heading.