The Center for Teaching and Learning provides confidential consultations that are designed to meet you where you are. We collaborate with you to enhance your skill set as an educator, including, but not limited to, sharing resources, consulting on evidence-based strategies, and supporting you to assess student learning effectively.

We offer individual, small group, and departmental consultations to faculty, staff, and graduate students on any topic related to teaching and learning. Learn more about our consultation services below.

Explore evidence-based strategies with a one-on-one Teaching Consultation

  • Design or redesign your course and/or syllabus

  • Develop a rubric for one or more assessments

  • Incorporate active learning techniques

  • Create an equitable and inclusive learning environment

  • Review course evaluations and work with a CTL Consultant to identify data-informed and practical opportunities for future refinements

  • Discuss emerging trends and findings in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

  • ...and anything else you’d like to speak to a CTL Consultant about related to your course, curriculum, or program pedagogy!

Collect student feedback with a Mid-Semester Inquiry (MSI)

  • Learn more about students’ learning experiences in your course while your course is in progress

  • A CTL Consultant will facilitate an anonymous and confidential focus group with your students

  • After the focus group, meet one-on-one with a CTL Consultant to debrief students’ feedback and receive a memo summarizing emerging themes and strategies for improving student learning

Collect data on teaching and learning with a Classroom Observation

  • Learn more about the teaching and learning dynamic in your class while your course is in progress, focusing on areas of your interest or concern

  • A CTL Consultant will attend a live class session to observe and take note of instructor and student actions (e.g., What does student participation look like during class? What does teaching look like during class?)

  • After the observation, meet one-on-one with a CTL Consultant to debrief the experience and receive a memo summarizing emerging themes and strategies for improving student learning

Discuss topics of shared interest with a Small Group Consultation

  • Explore evidence-based strategies for teaching and learning with faculty teaching in your discipline or assessing similar skills

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing one or more strategies across academic contexts

Have a CTL representative Speak at a Departmental Meeting

  • Request an overview of CTL services, or a facilitated discussion on topics related to teaching and learning

  • Identify opportunities for customized CTL services in support of departmental needs, interests, and goals

  • Request CTL support to design and facilitate interactive workshops on evidence-based teaching and learning strategies

  • Explore opportunities to align learning and pedagogy across curriculum and assess students’ learning experience to inform curricular change

Request a consultation today!

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