Customized Faculty Group Programs

The Center for Teaching and Learning is offering a menu of interactive workshops on foundational and advanced topics related to teaching and learning. Faculty attending any of these workshops can expect to explore the research on teaching and learning, consider evidence-based strategies to promote student learning in their courses, and enhance community among their colleagues by sharing and learning from each other’s experiences in the in-person or remote classroom.

There are two categories of workshops to choose from: Core Topics and Elective Topics. When selecting workshops that best fit the needs, interests, and goals of you and your faculty, we encourage you to choose at least one Core Topic. These workshops are designed as 60-90 minute faculty group programs. Please consult with a CTL Consultant if you would like to request adjustments to the length, topics, or learning objectives of a workshop.

In addition to individual workshops, we offer a multi-day Course Design Institute, an in-depth professional development opportunity for faculty to explore evidence-based strategies and identify concrete and practical areas to refine and adjust their course design, assessments, and/or teaching method. The Course Design Institute includes at least two Core Topic workshops and one (or more) Elective Topic workshops of your choice. Participants are likely to find the Course Design Institute most valuable if they have a course in mind to focus on -- either a new course to be developed or a course they have experience teaching but would like to redesign in some way.

CTL Programs for Departments and Units

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