For Departments

Reading and Composition (R&C) Course Approval Process

Courses proposed to fulfill either half of the two-semester R&C requirement must be submitted to the Letters and Sciences (L&S) Executive Committee for L&S requirement approval before they can be considered by the Committee on Courses of Instruction.

To help in the design of new R&C courses, see Reading and Composition Curricular Goals and Guidelines and sample syllabi of previously approved Reading and Composition courses.

Syllabi and course descriptions should be submitted to the Letters and Science Executive Committee, 271 Evans Hall.  To expedite matters, COCI paperwork can be submitted at the same time, with a note to Senate staff that the accompanying syllabus has been submitted to L&S for approval.

If you have questions about creating a course for the Reading and Composition requirement, contact Coordinator of Educational Policy, Khia Brunelle (, who will answer questions and help coordinate the L&S and COCI course approval processes.