Discovery Project: Community builder: Powerpoint Party

In this activity, students created individual PowerPoint slides with information about themselves and their goals for the program, including visuals. In class, they each presented their slide for 2 minutes, followed by a Kahoot quiz on the shared details.

Author: Marieka Schotland, Executive Director at i4Y (Innovations for Youth), Berkeley Public Health
Course Number & Title: PH199: Independent Study - YEDI (Youth Equity Discovery Initiative)
Grant Type: Berkeley Discover Departmental Innovation Award Program (Discovery Trailblazers), Berkeley Collegium Grant Program

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Community builder
Activity Title Community builder: Powerpoint Party
Delivery Format In-person, online asynchronous instruction

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Categories

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  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects
Learning Objectives
  • Students learn how to present their information on a slide, including deciding what to use to represent themselves to a new group
  • Students present about themselves to others
  • Students learn about the others in the workshop, helping to build connections among the groups that will be working together
Brief Summary of Activity

Students are given instructions to create individual slides in powerpoint. Students are given preset questions that tap into who the student is (name, year in school, major, favorites) and their goals or hopes for participating in the program. They can include photos, text and images. During class, students each take 2 minutes to explain their answers. At the end of the “powerpoint party,” there is a predesigned Kahoot asking about some of the pieces students shared.

Innovative Teaching Reflection

Students are given the freedom to design the slides in a way that represents them. Their sharing allows them some exposure to the future presentations that they will lead. The Kahoot encourages the other students to stay engaged. This activity allows for community building in a unique manner.

Activity Length Dependent on the number of students. Plan for about 1 hour for 20-30 students.
Step-by-Step Instructions

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Impact & Feedback

Students found this to be a great, engaging way to get to know each other!