Large Course Content Delivery

If you would like to explore alternatives to live, large audience webinars, the options below can be effective solutions for combining synchronous and asynchronous content delivery.

  1. Course Capture Archive: Do you have previous semesters courses that have already been captured?  If yes, you could share the lecture links through bCourses. 

    1. List of courses with course capture 

    2. Instructions for searching/retrieving previously recorded lecture

      1. Go to  (CalNet login required)

      2. Search by course name or year/term for past course capture videos

      3. Copy video link

      4. Share link in bCourses (easy - Announcements)

  2. Pre-record your Lecture: Zoom can be used to record your audio and computer screen (slides, websites, anything you can pull up on your computer screen).  Once recorded, you can share those links in bCourses.

    1. How to Record a Lecture Using Zoom

    2. How to Share a Zoom Recording: Google Drive + bCourses

    3. Segment your lecture recording into 10-15 minute chunks for ease of recording and loading to Google Drive and to help keep virtual students engaged.

  3. bCourses:  Add student asynchronous discussions configured for large courses, quizzes, Gradescope, and assignments to your bCourses site.

  4. Live GSI Discussion Sections: Do you have GSI lead discussion sections?  If so your GSIs can meet those using their Zoom Pro account and invite students to meet virtually during the scheduled sections.

    1. How to Create a Live Session Using Zoom

    2. Complete Zoom Quick Guides

For courses over 300 needing a Zoom Webinar license please email digitallearning@berkeley.eduWebinars have a slightly different interface and functionality than Zoom Pro (e.g., no support for breakout rooms or video stream for participants — need to use text chat, instead).

Webinar Guide