Past Projects 2014-15

2014-2015 (Total Awarded: $58,436)

Lisa Trever, Art History:
Evaluating Digital Resources and New Media for the Interdisciplinary Instruction of Latin American Art History, 
Michael O'Hare, Public Policy: 
Evaluating Clickers in an Interdisciplinary Mixed-Enrollment Course 
Christine Hastorf, Anthropology: 
Revising and Updating Large Enrollment Introductory Archeology Course 
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Architecture: 
Pacific Terrain: Notes from an Urban Underground 
Claire Kremen, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management: 
Course Development for a New Active Learning Course in Conservation Biology 
Amara Tabor-Smith, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies: 
Urban House Hop Dance Workshop with Rashad Pridgen 
Anneka Lenssen, Art History: 
New Approaches to Visualizing Modern Art and the Middle East, 1850-1950 
Sugata Ray, Art History: 
Design Digital Resources and Reader 
Taylor Hayden, Mechanical Engineering: 
Create Online Training Materials to Prepare Students for Use of ME Student-Access Machine Shop 
Angela Marino, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies: 
Technical Support for Student-led Production  
Brian Harvey, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences: 
Develop an Online Quiz System for CS61AS
Richard Andrews, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies:  
Curriculum Development for Two Courses 
Matthias Kondolf, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning: 
Increasing Hands-on Scientific Learning in Outdoor Urban Environments for Large Enrollment Introductory Environmental Science Course 
Tom Griffiths, Cognitive Science, Psychology:
Transition to Free Software for Computational Models of Cognition 
Gregory Choy, Ethnic Studies: 
Honorarium for Guest Speaker
Amara Tabor-Smith, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies: 
Honorarium for Guest Speaker
Anu Manchikanti Gomez, Social Welfare: 
Honorarium for Guest Speaker 
Lura Dolas, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies: 
Honorarium for Guest Speaker
Dan Acland, Public Policy: 
Develop New Online Course Materials for Public Policy 259 
Gian Garriga, Molecular and Cell Biology:
Biology 1AL Design 
Kurt Spreyer, Environmental Science, Policy and Management:
Redesign of 3 Courses 
Susan Stone and Anu Gomez, Social Welfare: 
Develop New Course Materials and Integrative Case Studies for SW240 
Galen Cranz, Architecture: 
Develop Digital Archive for Active Learning Activities 
Amelia Barili, Spanish and Portuguese: 
Redesign and Relaunch of Gateway Learning Courses 
Penny Edwards, South and Southeast Asian Studies:
Analyze Syllabus and Prepare New Course Materials