Past Projects 2015-16

Total Awarded: $59,695

Joan Bieder, Journalism:
Establishment of Universal Competencies for the Master of Journalism Degree

Lisa Wymore, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies:
Honorarium for Guest Speaker

Sima Belmar, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies:
Honorarium for Guest Speaker

Sandra McCoy, Epidemiology / Public Health:
Instructional Update of Core Public Health Curriculum in Epidemiology

Patricia Steenland, College Writing:
Honorarium for Two Guest Speakers

Niko Kolodny, Philosophy:
Gathering Data on the Undergraduate Curriculum for Philosophy Department’s Academic Program Review

Cathryn Carson, L&S Undergraduate Division:
Data Science Education - Mapping Student Needs

Dan Acland, Public Policy:
Development and production of animated and narrated practice problems

Lisa Pieraccini, Classics:
The Wall Painting of Ancient Italy – a new course for students of Ancient Art, Archaeology, Classics, and Art Studio

Brody Reiman, Art Practice:
Honorarium for Two Guest Speakers

Bryan Wagner, English:
Digitization of Archival Materials for Teaching the History and Culture of Slavery in Louisiana

Patrick Bradshaw, Epidemiology / Public Health:
Instructional Revision of Advanced Epidemiologic Methods Course

Sarah Gamble, Public Health:
Improving PH14 Action Project and Evaluation

Amy Kyle, Public Health:
Testing Strategies to Improve Learning Outcomes and Student Engagement in a Large Breadth Course

Jonathan Marshall, Legal Studies:
Writing in Legal Studies: Discovering Current Practice to Improve Student Outcomes

Robin Ball, Molecular & Cell Biology:
Develop course content to expand MCB 163 into an intensive 6 hour/week lab class with more hands-on activities and critical thinking.

Amara Smith, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies:
Attendance at the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance Conference

Jaspal Sandhal & Christine Madsen, Public Health:
Using Instagram, a Social Media Platform, to Increase Meaningful Student Engagement in a Graduate Project-Based Course

Ivy Mills, History:
Developing New Courses on African Visual Culture

Edward Ham, Physical Science (CalTeach):
Attendance at the 2016 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition

Amelia Barili, Spanish and Portuguese:
Developing materials and website/s for active learning interdisciplinary course: Borges,Buddhism and Cognitive Science and partial support to participate in 2016 Lilly Conference on Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

Leslea Hlusko, Integrative Biology:
Turning IB35ac into an engaged scholarship course

Alia Matanock, Political Science:
Develop new slides on state-building and policy applications

Vesna Rodic, French:
Course Redesign- Creative Writing in French

Daniel Sargent, History:
Global History: A New Gateway to Historical Studies

Kurt Spreyer, Environmental Science, Policy and Management:
ESPM 50AC Course Development