Working with GSI's

If you are working with Graduate Student Instructors, the GSI Teaching and Resource Center will be your most valuable resource on campus. (Even if you're not working with GSIs, the website is full of very helpful material.) Here are some key tips from the GSI Teaching and Resource Center:

Ideas for Helping GSIs Develop Their Skills

Each of the following ideas offers a specific way for you to assist your GSIs in becoming more effective instructors:

  • Plan a pre-semester course orientation.
  • Know your GSIs.
  • Meet weekly with GSIs to talk about teaching.
  • Build into the weekly meetings specific pedagogical goals.
  • Encourage your students to keep a teaching journal.
  • Observe your GSIs in the classroom.
  • Encourage GSIs to be videotaped in the classroom.
  • Set up a peer observation program.
  • Encourage your GSIs to get ongoing feedback on teaching and learning from their students.
  • Recommend participation in teaching-related events.
  • Help GSIs construct a teaching portfolio.
  • Encourage your GSIs to read pedagogical literature.
  • View your course as one step in helping GSIs to prepare for their own future roles as professors.
  • Take part in the programs for faculty of the GSI Teaching and Resource Center.