Spotlight on Teaching and Learning: CTL's Teaching and Learning Project Showcase, 2021-2022

August 1, 2022

In May 2022, the Center for Teaching and Learning hosted a campus-wide virtual event to spotlight teaching and learning projects developed by Fellows in the Presidential Chairs Fellowship Grant Program and the Lecturer Teaching Fellows Program. This event was an opportunity for Fellows and other campus educators to share their teaching experiences and innovations focused on enhancing student learning and creating positive and inclusive learning experiences.

Fellows are supported by one of two CTL programs. The Presidential Chair Fellows Program, sponsored by the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, funds four faculty teams to carry out undergraduate curriculum redesign efforts at the program level. For the AY2021-22 grant cycle, Fellows developed projects to address opportunities for fostering equity, inclusion, and community.

The Lecturer Teaching Fellows Program funds eight lecturer teams to generate dynamic tools and resources for enriching and innovating teaching and learning practices on campus. Fellows often develop and pilot projects in their individual courses to inform interdisciplinary and campus-wide implementation plans.

Select the videos below to view a total of ten presentations and learn more about the teaching and learning culture at UC Berkeley!

Video 1: Opening Remarks and Presidential Chair Fellows Presentations

CTL Project Showcase (Opening & PCF)

Thank You to VPUE for Continued Sponsorship of PCF!

Opening Remarks

Glynda Hull, CTL Faculty Director & Oliver O’Reilly, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education (00:00:01 - 00:07:17)

Presidential Chair Fellows

Diana Bautista, Ellen Lumpkin

“Enhancing Equity in Molecular & Cellular Physiology by Enriching Upper-Division Courses with Active Learning & Low-Stakes Assessments” (00:07:18 - 00:33:02, view presentation slides here)

Whitney Davis, Jun Hu, Anneka Lenssen, Sugata Ray

“Activating History of Art Teaching: Bringing Connect, Capstone, and other Student Research Experiences into the Curriculum” (00:33:03 - 00:54:47, view presentation slides here)

Michael Ball, Pamela Fox 

“Scaffolded Learning for Code Writing Exercises” (00:54:48 - 1:21:21, view presentation slides here)

Andrew Bray, Cathryn Carson, Ari Edmundson, David Harding

“Social Practice with Data - Integrated Curricular Materials for Data Science” (1:21:22 - 1:43:05, view presentation slides here)

Video 2: Lecturer Teaching Fellows Presentations - Part 1

CTL Project Showcase (LTF 1)

Lecturer Teaching Fellows

Mark Bauer, Margaret Kolb 

“Peer Mentoring for Scientific Writing” (00:00 - 21:10)

Sanchita Saxena 

“Authentic Learning Modules: Harnessing the Expertise of Practitioners in Classroom Teaching” (21:11 - 40:12)

 Patina Mendez 

“Learning the Skills of Science Collaborations while Learning to Read Scientific Literature” (40:13 - 1:00:14)

Robin Ball

“Medical Racism Discussions: Bringing anti-racism pedagogy into the STEM classroom” (1:00:15 - 1:22:39, view presentation slides here)

Video 3: Lecturer Teaching Fellows Presentations - Part 2

CTL Project Showcase (LTF 2)

Lecturer Teaching Fellows

Amm Quamruzzaman

“Developing Resources for Teaching and Studying Climate Change from an Interdisciplinary Perspective” (00:00 - 29:14, view presentation slides here)

Ivy Mills

“Designing Hybrid Museum Assignments for History of Art Instruction” (29:15 - 55:26)