Waves of Innovation Videos and Powerpoint Presentations

Learn more about the innovation occurring across campus by viewing this selection of waves videos or click on the files to see the powerpoint presentations.



Digital Reading: What We "Know" and Where to Go #next”

Michael Larkin

Robin Ball- Waves

5E Model for Organizing Active Learning in Lecture Courses

Robin Ball

Michelle Douskey- Waves

Flipped Fridays, A Partial Flip of a Freshman Chemistry Course for Majors

Michelle Douskey

Maelia DuBois- Waves

Digital Humanities at Berkeley Course Program Assessment

Maelia DuBois

Irina Kogel- Waves

Differentiated Instruction: Lessons from the Heritage Russian Classroom

Irina Kogel

Visual & Spatial Creative Activities for Research Reading and Writing

Patina Mendez, Teri Crisp

Gaming the System: Students Engage Creatively to Learn Concepts

Claire Kremen

Analysis Charts: Killing 10 Birds with 1 stone

Barrie Roberts

Ryan Sloan- Waves

Tumblr as Artist Studio: Digital Interventions for Multilingual Writers

Ryan Sloan

Using Instagram, a Social Media Platform, to Increase Meaningful Student Engagement

Lila Rubenstein

Charlotte Smith- Waves

Case-based Exploration of Drinking Water and Health (Restructuring of PH170/171c)

Charlotte Smith

Dan Acland- Waves

Nose-rings: (Highly) Scaffolded Active Learning Assignments

Dan Acland

Amelia Barili- Waves

Volunteering, Global Education & Good Writing: Preparing Students to Succeed

Amelia Barili

Project website

MVI 0102

Non-Traditional Student Engagement: What Can Instructors Do

Wendy Sinek

Exploring the Writing E-portfolio: Encouraging Reflection and Transfer

Kim Freeman

Learning in the SuiteC: Technology and Pedagogy for Online Education

John Scott

Vivek Rao- Waves

The Use of Video-Facilitated Student Self-Reflection on Oral Technical Presentation

Vivek Rao

Andrew Stevens- Waves

Assessing Student Learning Using a Digital Grading Platform

Andrew Stevens

Anne Baranger- Waves

What are students actually saying? Assessing Conversations in the Teacher-Scholars Program in Chemistry

Anne Baranger

Ben Spanbock- Waves

Writing With Students Online

Ben Spanbock

Elliott Smith- Waves

Beyond Multiple Choice: Autograded Questions on edX Edge

Elliott Smith

Community Engaged Scholarship: Designing and Assessing Group Projects

Khalid Kadir

Learning Environmental Science from Strawberry Creek and the Berkeley Campus

Mathias Kondolf